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APT is an exclusive assessment to The English Education and their associates and partners.

If you are a parent you can register your child to take the APT with the experts at The English Education via the blue button below.

If you are an education consultant or academic advisor wishing to use APT to support your own clients you can join as one of our partners and deliver APT under your own brand. Click the yellow button to learn more.


The English Education

The English Education provides the highest quality personalised service, working closely with parents and guardians to ensure that the right school is chosen for each and every individual. The APT is central to their philosophy that the best support and guidance comes from gaining a deep and comprehensive understanding of each student's academic potential. 

The English Education's services are underpinned by experts, all highly qualified and with knowledge and insight based upon years of experience of leading independent schools. Whether working with bespoke requirements or The English Education Guaranteed placement service, parents and schools will be supported by professionals who take pride in ensuring the best academic, social and pastoral outcomes for children.

We have found the APT an excellent assessment tool to help navigate school placement. For our clients both in the UK and abroad it has provided us with an assessment tool that can help with finding the right school, as well as preparation for exams, to gauge ability and to organise tuition. 


We keep complete control over our client relationships as we deal directly with APT on their behalf. It's remarkably easy, and the reports are tailored to our branding - helping it feel cohesive with our values

— Janie Richardson School Search and Placement

The APT has been an invaluable tool for parents and tutors to focus on those areas of the curriculum that need to be strengthened. It is informative and precise, giving pupils, tutors and parents information in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.


It has also provided our pupils with excellent practice for the ISEB Pre-test and other online exams whilst keeping stress levels low thanks to APT being delivered at home and at the convenience of our clients. 

— Yellowbird Education