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If you are seeking an assessment for your child and the opportunity to discuss the results with an expert, you can arrange an APT assessment directly here.

Our co-founder, Jimmy Beale is a former headmaster, schools inspector and experienced education consultant. He can help you arrange an APT at a time that suits you and provides a range of additional support services.

Consultants, Agents & Tutors

APT works closely with a range of accredited partners providing flexible and comprehensive assessments.

The tests can be used to provide robust data to help facilitate conversations about future schools, identify areas to work on and track progress over time. 

Contact us today to find out more about running your own assessments and becoming an APT partner.


APT is used in schools to assess and create a clear picture of a student's ability, their strengths and areas for development.

The testing platform can be customised to your specific assessment needs. The system is already used in many admissions departments to appraise potential applicants, measure progress and track the impact of specific learning strategies. 

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We have found the APT an excellent assessment tool to help navigate school placement. For our clients both in the UK and abroad it has provided us with an assessment tool that can help with finding the right school, as well as preparation for exams, to gauge ability and to organise tuition


—  Janie Richardson,

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