If you are an education consultant or academic advisor wishing to use APT to support your own clients you can join as one of our partners and deliver APT under your own brand. 

Benefits of working with APT

Provide clients with robust assessments

Support your consultancy and advice with reliable, impartial data on each student's abilities. APT works directly through your team so your clients experience is always managed by you. 

Support your other services

APT will customise our detailed candidate reports with your branding and contact details. Use the data to recommend focused tutoring and support advice on future schools.

Your own assessments - with support if required

APT provides expert guidance and feedback as an integral part of our services. Our consultants will deliver tailored feedback on APT results to families - as an independent expert opinion

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Welcoming partners onboard

We are excited to work with like-minded and high quality experts in the field of education. Our onboarding process brings each new partner into our exclusive group of APT users. The process guides each consultancy and tutoring firm through the registration process, how to facilitate testing and how to interpret results. We provide in-house training and will create your very own branded results reports as part of your welcome package. 

Our experts will also be on-hand to support your understanding of APT results and assist in providing feedback to parents. We are going to ensure the credibility and interpretation of our tests, so until you are entirely comfortable in their use, our teams will help draw the right conclusions and make sure parents fully understand the test's findings.