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Working with schools

APT is a standardised assessment that compares performance with same-aged pupils at UK schools in English, maths and reasoning. The tests are  similar in style to CAT4, the ISEB Common Pre-test, and UKiset; however, APT has some unique features that sets it apart from other assessments.

Run your own standardised assessments

Design your own test specification

Our team can help you develop your own test specifications to meet your needs - either for admissions at various entry points, or for internal progress tracking.

Deliver tests under your own school identity

We will help set up your own branded test portal - your applicants and students will be taking your very own school-branded tests and not 'APT'.

Total control over delivery and set up

You have total control over candidate test set up and results. APT can support your school in developing custom reports and training up your teams.

Robust data supported by experts

Our assessments have been developed in partnership with industry-leading data providers (Atom Learning) and experts in assessments, school admissions and leadership in independent schools. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how to run your own digital and standardised tests.

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