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Can my results on the APT change over time?

In short: Yes; but improving scores on this kind of assessment is not always straightforward. APT results will indicate how a candidate compares against other students of the same age. As time goes by and a candidate’s skills improve, so too do their peers, so unless they are improving at a greater rate than other students in their year, their scores will appear largely the same.

However, research does show that some familiarisation with this kind of test can improve scores and we often see small, incremental rises if students take the test a second time or if a candidate has really focused practise in a certain skill area.

One very useful aspect of the APT is the breakdown of specific sub-skills within subject areas. These indicate specific skills that can be worked on to improve performance in this kind of test. We recommend discussing APT results with your academic consultant and/or tutor to focus your time on the areas that need the most support.


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