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1. Speak with an expert

Discuss your APT profile with an expert who can delve deep into what the scores mean and how this might affect the candidate’s current learning journey, their independence and which areas require more focus going forward.


The English Education provides a 25-minute feedback session with Mr J Beale, a former independent school headmaster, for anyone who has taken APT. These sessions objectively describe what these results mean and how this may affect future decisions around the candidate's educational journey. This session does not discuss schools choices but may lead to further support in this area.

You can contact The English Education to arrange a feedback session by clicking the button below:

Feedback on APT results

Well done on completing an Academic Profiling Test!

This page provides a number of recommended next steps on how to extract the most value from your APT data.

APT is used in a number of ways; initially it was designed for providing education advisors objective data on a student’s academic potential. However, we are finding it also works really well as a progress tracker, exam practise material for high stakes tests (such as ISEB Pre-test, UKiset, CAT4 or CEM Select), diagnostic tests prior to developing a learning plan, or even for curious parents looking to compare their child’s abilities with students studying in the UK.

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